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One of the great assets of Adhesivos Orcajada, the fundamental basis of its good performance, is composed of professionals formed the various departments which together shape and are the engine of this great company.

Our teams consist of groups of individuals competitive, dynamic and creative to adapt readily to changes in the market with a high degree of professionalism and specific training to get daily serving a wide and varied clientele.

Adhesivos Orcajada currently includes a total of 5 apartments that can face any project and is divided into:

• Commercial Department.
A first contact with the customer by this Department allows us to approach the needs of this. From here a group of professionals will help you resolve your concerns and focus their application so as to ensure satisfactory performance of work quality, service and cost.

• Accounting Department. 
Formed, like the rest, by a highly qualified staff, their daily work ensures good understanding in financial terms with our joint customers. This task allows us to further develop our business every day with guaranteed stability and future for all those who, in a direct or indirect, to some extent depend on our work and allows our customers to continue to count on us for future projects.

• Design and Prepress.
As the Commercial Department another important communication channel is the Design and Prepress where our customers can give shape to their ideas, with the help of our professionals, as well as modifications and variations of products manufactured, in addition to advice on issues related to manufacturing and finishing details, materials, etc. they will shape the final outcome.

• Manufacturing Area.
Adhesivos Orcajada main engine is the manufacturing area and it is here where the original idea becomes a reality and where, finally, we have real physical contact for some time what was a virtual one.

• Issuance and Distribution Area. 
After the laborious process of preparation and production we finally reached the area where we issue any goods manufactured so as to reach our customers with the best conditions for transport and for this we have our own fleet of vehicles, every day, moving throughout our country, ensuring quality delivery.
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